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Industrial Kits

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Pumps, Motors & Valve Repair Kits




Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits

Hydraulic Machinery Require Hydraulic Cylinder Seals
Hydraulic machinery and tools obtain their power source from hydraulic fluids. Heavy construction and farm equipment designed with pumps, cylinders, valves, pistons and motors use pressurized force to operate with optimum efficiency.

Generally, hydraulic cylinders have a male to male fitting that acts as the connection between female fluid connections and hoses. In this design, hydraulic cylinder seals improve machinery performance. Hydraulic cylinder seals protect connections from potential leaks. Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits can be purchased from Tiger Seal and Supply, an industry leader in a wide variety of hydraulic seals and related supplies.

Maintaining Hydraulic Equipment
In order to properly maintain hydraulic equipment, equipment operators, supervisors and managers take the precaution of purchasing Tiger Seal and Supply Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits in volume. With hydraulic seal kits in regular inventory, it's easier and more convenient to replace worn or damaged seals during high volume use of equipment.

Highest Quality Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits
It's important to purchase hydraulic seal kits as recommended by the equipment manufacturer's specifications. Tiger Seal and Supply offers a complete range of sizes and dimensions for all seal kits. Customers are assured that kits are designed and manufactured from highest quality materials. This provides longer wear and greater equipment efficiency. Top quality kits also reduce the cost of equipment operation and maintenance. Hydraulic seals should be inspected regularly and replaced as needed to keep equipment operating reliably. Contact Tiger Seal and Supply when seals in inventory are low.



Our team will do everything possible to ensure you are completely satisfied. We look forward to working with you - now and in the future. We offer online internet ordering, phone or fax orders even e-mail orders. We have one of the largest Selections of In-Stock Hydraulics and Pneumatic Cylinder Repair Seals, orings, oil seals, metric seals, Cylinder Repair Seal Kits, Replacement Cylinders and Cylinder Repair Parts for Mobile and Industrial Applications.

Tiger Seal & Supply provides hydraulics seals products to a variety of heavy equipment industries such as: Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Dump and Refuse, Gas and Oil, Paving, Logging, Material Handling and Industrial Plant Applications.




A large Number of our seals come from the Same Seal Manufactuers used by the OEM's.



Good for high temperature. Great for hot Air as well as Fluid not to exceed 275 degrees if so use Fluorocarbon ( Viton 500 degrees).

STYLE HSU HOMOGENEOUS U-SEALS Combination Viton and Rubber seal. Temperature 400 degrees



We were the first CNC manufacturing facility for hydraulic seals in Louisiana and the 3rd. in the whole USA.


An orginial Seal Jet factility opened in 1992. 22 years of great service.



Louisiana's largest stocking distributor and manufactuer

PISTON ASSEMBLIES  Good for single use piston on John Deere and New Holland.



5% Discount on all seals ordered on the e-net, fax or called-in.



We now have every Standard and Metric O-ring in stock.

Many in Nitrile, Neoprene, Buna, Viton, Silicone, Epdm and H-NBR.

Our O-Rings are made in the United States.




Quality and service is our main concern.









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Besides Kenner and White Plains, we now have a new CNC manufacturing facility in

Baton Rouge, La.


We would like to thank Eddie, Mike and all the machine operators in the Baton Rouge office for a great job.


 The Seal Wizard  had extensive training in Austria, Germany and the US

in seal design and applications.

Only three people in the United States can say that.


Everyone who works for

Tiger Seal has had extensive training in Hydraulic Seals.

Every CNC Operator  is trained before manufacturing seals.


No other CNC Seal Manufacturer company does that.


No returns or refunds on special made seals.

Seals made wrong will be remade at no cahrge if returned within 30 days.